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He was not perfect either!!!!!

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     Thomas Jefferson is a well-known president. He wrote the Declaration of Independence and was very famous. But he also was charged for crimes! Yes! He committed some crimes!

Jefferson's charges where:

  • Having a sexual intercourse with one of his slaves, named "Black Sally", who had borne him several children
  • Approaching a man's wife when he was away.
  • Cheating on a debt

Jefferson admitted to the first to charges but kept on insisting that the third charge was false.


He did some good things too.

Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 at Shadwell, Virginia. Jefferson’s father had died when he was a young boy. So he had grown without a father. When he grew up he bought his own land and some slaves to work it. The surprising thing was that Jefferson rarely whipped his slaves unless they did something that was highly untolerated but he also hated slavery and wanted it to be abolished throughout the United States. If you ask me that doesn't make a lot of sense especially sense he, himself, was a slave owner. And yes Jefferson did get married. He got married one year short of his thirteenth birthday, which was very unusual back in their time.

Thomas Jefferson took the Oath of Office on March 4, 1801. In 1801 there wasn't much technology in the United States and people took that for granted. But Jefferson wasn't one of those people he had a great imagination of what the world could be like. He even developed the curved-moldboard plow, which was very useful to farmers who had to use wooden plows with straight moldboards. Henry Adams even said:” Rip Van Winkle, who woke from his long slumber about the year of 1800, saw little that was new to him, except the head of George Washington where that of King George had once hung." Meaning that nothing really changed over one hundred years! Can you believe that? In our era things change every day! After Jefferson's inauguration he wrote to Lewis asking him to be his secretary. The salary was five hundred dollars. Lewis accepted and that was the start of the planning of the expedition. There were a lot of expenses but Jefferson took care of them. During the expedition he was in suspense because he had no communication from Lewis to him. He got some of the specimens that Lewis sent to him but they weren’t in the best condition. Some of the life specimens that Lewis sent, with a person to give to Jefferson, turned up dead by the time they got to Jefferson. When Lewis got back Jefferson was relived and filled with joy because Lewis actually made it to the Pacific and back. Later on i Jefferson's life he recived specimens from Clark to put in museums. This was really great because people could see what Lewis and Clark had found during their expedition so they actually had some proof. He kept reciving specimens until his death on July 4, 1826.


UNDAUNTED COURAGE gave me all this info. Read it for yourself! This book is reccomend for 14 years and up.