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Lewis and Clark
Indians and Slaves
Biography on Meriwether Lewis
Biography on William Clark
Thomas Jefferson
Indians and Slaves
The Indian Tribes
Maps of the Expedition

They still exist today. 

A slave
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    Indians are still around today, but are called Native Americans now, and sadly so are slaves.Indians and slaves were treated very differently back in the 1800's. Not just by what they did to them but what they thought about them too.


       Jefferson believed that Indians were noble savages who could be civilized and brought into the body politic as full citizens. In 1785 he wrote in his journal: " I believe the only difference between Indians and white men was religion and the savage behavior of the Indians." He thought that the " savage" behavior was caused by the environment in which they lived in. When Jefferson or young Virginians looked at an Indian they saw a noble "savage" ready to be transformed into a "civilized" citizen. When they looked at an African-American, they saw something less than human and more than an animal. Clark even tried to adopt a part-Indian boy as his own son. He would not even have thought of adopting an African-American.

Indians were traded with and were taught the English ways and how to read and write but they didn't even bother with the slaves. If the slaves were caught reading or even trying to read they would of received a punishment, most likely whipping. But the really funny thing is that the Indians wanted to keep their ways and language while the slaves actually wanted to learn how to read and write and live like everybody else. Don't you think that was a waste of time for the white men? But then again people in the 1800's don't think the way we do today.

A Native American
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UNDAUNTED COURAGE gave me all this info. Read it for yourself! This book is reccomend for 14 years and up.