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Lewis and Clark

Biography on William Clark

Biography on Meriwether Lewis
Biography on William Clark
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Indians and Slaves
The Indian Tribes
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William Clark
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      William Clark was born on August 1, 1770 in Caroline County, Virginia. All together his parents had ten children. He moved to Kentucky when he was a small boy. Clark also met and married Julia Hancock who he met when she was 12 years old, and he decided he would marry her on her fifteenth birthday. Clark met Lewis in the army while he was serving under him, which was only for six months. So why did Lewis pick Clark to go with him to the expedition? We may never know. He married Julia Hancock in January 1808 after the expedition was over. Between the months of January and August 1809 Clark and Julia had a baby. Clark decided to name him Meriwether Lewis Clark. Julia also had five children, but died in 1820.So did his daughter Mary and his son, Julius, in childhood as well. Clark married Julia's cousin Harriet Kennerly Radford in 1821, who had two children, one who died when he/she was less than one year old. Harriet then died in 1831. William Clark moved to St. Louis to live with his son Meriwether Lewis Clark. Clark governed almost till his death until he lost govern ship but he also had another job to do. He had to sort out all the papers and other things from the expedition because Lewis had committed suicide so all the papers went to Clark. He stayed as the superintendent of Indian Affairs until he died on September 1, 1838 in St. Louis, Missouri.

UNDAUNTED COURAGE gave me all this info. Read it for yourself! This book is reccomend for 14 years and up.