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Lewis and Clark


Biography on Meriwether Lewis
Biography on William Clark
Thomas Jefferson
Indians and Slaves
The Indian Tribes
Maps of the Expedition

Lewis Bloopers

Yes that's right the "Mr.Deeds" have some faults!

Ha Ha ha ! Very funny!

This happened between: Sept.- Nov. 1805:

 When Lewis was waving his air gun around in the air while it was pumped and loaded he accidentally shot a woman in the temple! HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!! Luckily, the woman did not die.

This happened between: Jul. 15 - Aug. 12 1805

Lewis had asked Sacagewea what the word for white man was in her language (which was Shoshone). She said it was "tab-ba-bone". Never seeing a white man the Shoshones didn't have a word for white man and the word she gave him meant stranger or enemy. So when Lewis went out to talk to a Shoshone he kept on pointing at himself and screaming "tab-ba-bone." The Shoshones were really surprised because they had never had anyone come up to them and start screaming enemy and point to themselves. Wouldn't you act the same way?

Clark Bloopers

I haven't found anything... so far. Remember nobody is perfect. I'll find something!

UNDAUNTED COURAGE gave me all this info. Read it for yourself! This book is reccomend for 14 years and up.